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Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors ltd, The Powder Coating Process


A products or components life is significantly affected by the method used to prepare it prior to powder coating. BGID use a Vixen 4 stage pre-treatment plant – particularly when aluminium components are involved – ensuring complete removal of grease and other oily deposits, as well as phosphating the surface before powder coating, allowing BGID to achieve 450 salt spray hours on aluminium surfaces.

Spraying the Powder

Pre-treated products are loaded on to a conveyor, and where appropriate are etch primed before passing through the RDM purpose built spray booth area. The booths are arranged in opposing format to ensure equal and even powder coating over all areas on the product. An electrical charge is applied to the powder as it leaves the spray gun, thus ensuring that it then adheres to the earthed product moving by on the conveyor.



Finally, products pass through the RDM variable temperature heat treatment plant, where the controlled application of heat causes the powder to form a layer several times stronger than traditional paint.

Packing & Despatch

After curing and cooling, all products are visually inspected before being appropriately packed and wrapped before despatch. BGID can undertake straight forward sub assembly and finishing operations where required, thus reducing handling costs and lead times.

BGID offer a local collection and delivery service.

For larger and more cumbersome components and products, BGID offer a 3000 mm. Waterwash Spray Booth matched to a 3000 mm. x 2000 mm. Box Oven.


Christmas Opening Times

December 2019: BGID will be closed from 20th of December till the 2nd of January. For domestic garage doo... {Read More}