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Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors Ltd

Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors ltd, Repairs, Servicing and a genuine 24 hour, 7 days per week, 52 weeks of the year, emergency call out service if required.

Just as important as the supply and installation of new doors, is the maintenance and repair of existing ones.

BGID, through our Maintenance & Repair Department, offer a genuine service

24 hours a day  -  7 days a week  -  52 weeks of the year. 

e can maintain, on a contract basis, or repair on an “as required” basis,  just about any industrial, commercial or security door.

Over 40 years of trading gives BGID an almost unrivalled level of experience and expertise, to offer sound practical advise, coupled with cost effective action to resolve industrial and commercial door problems. Not for nothing are our Repair Department Engineers known as the “Door Doctors”  -  in or out of “surgery hours” our lines are open to you.

You can contact our Maintenance & Repair Department 24/7 by calling 07778 375310  -  it's that simple.