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Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors Ltd

Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors ltd, PVC Strip Curtains, manufactured in Birmingham, West Midlands.

An economical system for controlling draughts and heat loss in an industrial workshop / factory environment. Curtain is usually of clear material, allowing easy vision from one side to the other. Very easy access through this type of curtain for vehicles, fork lift trucks and pedestrians.

Curtain:  Standard curtains are manufactured from transparent/clear PVC strips 200 mm. x 2 mm. / 300 mm. x 3 mm. or 400 mm. x 4 mm. Red warning and marker strips and Green strips for ultra violet and infra-red reduction, are also available in the same sizes.

Hanging System: Rigid 1 mm. stainless steel track, with universal horizontal or vertical fixing locations.  Can also be attached to sliding door gear track system, allowing the whole curtain to moved aside during periods of intense activity.