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Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors Ltd

Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors ltd, Bar Grilles & Servery Shutters, Powder Coating finish

Bar Grilles and Servery Shutters are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst at the same time offering an acceptable level of security as they form a highly visible barrier.

Curtain: Injection moulded links to create a cruciform pattern of 71 mm x 76 mm. centres, with white injection moulded nylon lath retainers fixed to alternate laths covering the full shutter curtain height. 

Or - constructed from 10 mm. x 78 mm. aluminium tubes and 12 mm. x 60 mm. links to form a 160 mm. x 50 mm. brick bond pattern. 

Alternatively - constructed from 13 mm. x 110 mm. aluminium tubes and 16 mm. x 75 mm. links to form a 228 mm. x 65 mm. brick bond pattern.

Operation: Manually, by counter balanced spring loaded barrel - push up, pull down action.  Electrically, by single phase tubular motor unit, complete with fail safe safety brake and anti-drop mechanism, hand crank manual over-ride for use in the event of a power failure, and with a variety of low voltage control systems.

Finish: Injection moulded links are generally white, whilst aluminium tube and link grilles can be left mill finish or supplied fully factory powder coat paint finished to RAL standard colour.