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Birmingham Garage & Industrial Doors ltd, Rowley Range Side Hinged Garage Door Warranty

BGID Rowley Range Product Warranty

Birmingham Garage &Industrial Doors Ltd. (BGID) offer a 2 year warranty for the ROWLEY Range of Steel Side Hinged Garage Doors, covering the manufacture and powder coat  paint finish of the complete door and frame unit and its attendant hardware.

The door and frame unit must be carefully handled to avoid impact damage. The door and frame unit paint finish is not covered by Warranty when, corrosion or discolouration is caused by exposure to an abnormally salty or corrosive atmosphere, pollution, chemicals or by being cleaned with abrasive or caustic substances and by accidental or deliberate damage.

In the event of a Warranty Claim becoming necessary, please, in the first instance, contact the supplying and/or installing company who will initiate the Warranty process. BGID will require proof of and date of purchase or installation, and a brief outline of the defect.

Against a valid claim BGID will, at their discretion, repair or replace the defective product. BGID will not accept, as part of any claim, the costs related to dismantling, installation and delivery charges.

Visual Appearance of Rowley Range Steel Side Hinged Garage Doors                   

During the panel pressing and rolling processes, it is inevitable that some distortion of the steel occurs. Whilst during manufacture, every effort is made to minimise this effect, some distortion can remain. BGID cannot therefore accept any Warranty claim relating to minor panel distortion or imperfections.

It is accepted within the garage door industry generally, by the Association of Garage Door Specialists, and by the DHF, that a visual inspection should be made in natural sunlight  -  not direct sunlight  -  from a distance of 3 metres. A door finish is acceptable if any minor marks, distortions or scuffs associated with the manufacturing and paint finishing process cannot clearly be seen.

Please note that each and every BGID ROWLEY side hinged garage door is hand made to suit individual opening dimensions, rather than being a mass produced product. Inevitably, variations occur, and whilst every effort is made to minimise the working clearances required, some variation in these tolerances may occur. ROWLEY should not therefore be regarded as anything other than a garage door, which allows an element of light to be seen through these tolerances, particularly when viewed from inside the garage.

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